Guarantee – Service

Guarantee – Service

All products are accompanied by ‘’ Commercial Guarantee ‘’ of good function, which is offered by the existing manufacturer, it is covered according to the standards that the manufacturer sets, in approved (by him) Repairing Centers (authorized service, official service centre). The guarantee covers you additionally to your legal rights.

Your legal rights, deriving from the legal guarantee of the product, the provision of the Civil Code about movable goods and guarantees (such as the right of withdrawal from the contract, right of correction or replacement- unless such an act is impossible or requires disproportionate expenses- , right to reduce cost) article 5, law 2251/1994 (such as the right of the consumer to ask for a temporary replacement of the product, in case the required time of repair within the guarantee dates is more than 15 working days), as well as by any other provisions about the consumer protection, are not affected in any way, by the commercial guarantee that the manufacturer of each product offers. is fully responsible and undertakes all foreseen by the law commitments and the provision relevant to your rights as a consumer.

For more information related to the commercial guarantee of the product you have chosen from , look at the package of the product.

In addition, you can visit the manufacturer’s website. For general information as for the commercial guarantees of the products, if commercial policy DOP is projected by the manufacturer, as well as communication data of the authorized services (official service), call us at 2816-007316 or at 2816-007317.

NOTE: in case the product you have just received has sustained damages, during shipping, go back to ‘’Shipping Methods’’.

Shipping from – to the service centers are always realized with our means and costs, except the cases when some specific procedure is required by the manufacturer.



In case the product faces a technical problem, within the guarantee, contact the specific (by the manufacturer) Authorized Service, in order for the commercial guarantee to be covered.

The Authorized Service can inform you about all the details concerning the commercial guarantee of the product as well as about the procedure of the restoration of the damage.

Contact the Authorized Service Centre for information concerning:

  1. The duration of the commercial guarantee of the product
  2. The damage restoration procedure
  3. The place where the damage restoration can be done

In case a product has a technical problem within the guarantee, contact the approved (by the manufacturer) Service Centre about the coverage of the commercial guarantee.


When you contact the Service Centre, you should have the exact type of the product, the serial number and the proof of purchase available.



In order to be able to use DOA wherever and whenever this is expected by the manufacturer, the procedure should be followed exactly as the manufacturer has described it.

In any case, in order for DOA return to be realized, the product should be accompanied by a) copy of the proof of purchase-invoice, b)all accessories, c)copy of the return form (fully analyzing the problem).

In case the manufacturer requires that the identification of the damage and the approval of replacement by an authorized service, should come before the DOA procedure, the latter would be accepted as soon as the relevant service approval has preceded.

NOTE: The DOA procedure might be subject to the approval of the manufacturer even after the delivery of the product to our central stores. The shipping of the product in order to be repaired in the authorized service and the shipping cost, burden you as a customer.



Some products, are projected to the possibility of commercial replacement because of DOA (this concerns the replacement of a product with a technical problem during delivery (Dead-On-Arrival)).

This possibility is provided by the manufacturer and concerns a particular period of time since purchase, and is valid for a few days since the purchase date (a different period of time for each product- 3 to 30 days, depending on the manufacturer).

In case the product is included in DOA service, and you wish to use it, you should follow the precise procedure of the manufacturer within the projected time that has been defined.

Since a replacement and not a repair is finally projected, then the product is sent to the authorized service centre, which is chosen by the manufacturer, where it is checked and approved to be replaced, always according to the DOA policy that is valid by the manufacturer.

As some manufacturers might provide support in your place, it is important to contact beforehand the guarantee provider so that you are informed about the further guarantee possibilities- provisions that the manufacturer provides.