Terms of Usage

Terms of Usage

Welcome to www.guruelectrics.gr, the electronic shop of KARVELAS INCORPORATED. Please read carefully the terms below that are related to the rights and obligations of the company to all those who visit the website.

Any natural person or entity visiting the website and using its services, will be referred to as ‘’user’’. All services appearing on the website or those that will be created in the future, are subject to the existing terms of usage. The visiting of the site and the use of the services of the website, presuppose the full and unreserved understanding and acceptance of those terms.


G. KARVELAS INCORPORATED (the Company) has the right to change the context of the website www.guruelectrics.gr (the website) any time, without any warnings.

The examination of the technical information that is provided and the examination of the suitability of the items which are ordered, belong to the exclusive responsibility of the customer that uses the website (the customer). The Company does not have any responsibility in case of any incompatibilities of the products with other products.


On the website, there are connections with other websites (links). The provision of the links by the Company does not entail the approval of those contexts. Additionally, the Company does not have any responsibilities related to the availability or the context of those websites, or any damage caused by the usage of that context. The links are provided for the facilitation of the users. The customers visit those sites and are exclusively responsible for that.


The Company is not responsible for any direct or indirect, positive or negative damage that could be caused by the ability of the usage of the website, or for any errors, disruptions, flaws or delays as for the site function or the transmission of the information on the internet.

The Company is not responsible for occasional technical, typographical or spelling mistakes on prices or product characteristics.

In case that some products present an absurdly low price, without any sign that justifies that price, please contact us before you order the product.



  1. Choose out of the selection of the products existing on the site or from the search of products, choose the product codes, select them in order for them to be put in the purchase basket.
  2. You can add or remove products in or from the purchase basket that you would like to order.
  3. Complete the information of your order, such as payment, ways of shipping, address of shipping and any comments.
  4. Finally, check your order again, accept the general terms of the transaction and register your order.



Your orders are enclosed and electronically filed so that at any time you have access to them to check what you have ordered.

The website usage is done with the responsibility of the visitor-customer. The Company is not responsible for the mean interfering of others.

The site visitors are committed that they will not harm others by the mean usage of the site and that they will not violate their personal data.

Your visit to www.guruelectrics.gr presupposes the full acceptance of the terms above.