Right To Withdraw & Returns

Right To Withdraw (Return)

In case you are a natural person (consumer) and your purchase is orientated for non professional use (but for your own use), you have the right to withdraw within 14 calendar days by returning the product. The right to withdraw is valid, as long as the product is still in its initial condition, as well as its packaging. Additionally, you will be charged if you return the product within 14 calendar days (whether YOU return it, or you send it to a courier service of your choice). Since your returning is approved, you will be refunded with the amount of money for the specific purchase, in the way that you had paid.



The right to withdraw is carried out within 14 calendar days since the delivery of the product in order for it to be considered timely and in order for no other justification by you to be required.

In case the right to withdraw is considered valid, then it is necessary that the product and its package are in its initial condition and all the accessories, gifts, additional products, materials, documents are included in it.

In case the product has lost its value due to bad treatments, which is above the mere examination of the function and the characteristics of the product, the reduction of its value, should be restored with monetary compensation. In that case, from the amount you will be refunded, the specific monetary compensation will be withheld. You will be informed before the procedure of credit and refund is completed. More specifically, in cases of components and spare parts, where the material requires the appropriate technical know-how, for its selection and its installment and if that cannot function as an autonomous device, it is considered that the opening of its package automatically entails that it has lost part of its commercial value and in case of withdrawal, it will be credited after the receiving of the product in our central stores.



Cases when the right to withdraw is not valid, according to legislation and jurisprudence are : products that have been manufactured for you, according to your standards, or have been ordered for you or products that should not be returned on health grounds, since they have been unsealed , programs and software, services that have been carried out.


In case the product we have sent you is different from the one you had ordered, you can return it within 14 calendar days since the date of the purchase without any carriage charges. The return of the product, can be done only if the product is unspoiled and in the original package. Shipping fee: the return in those specific cases is realized with our company being charged.


KARVELAS INCORPORATED gives you the opportunity to ask for the return of this product you chose to buy even beyond the 14 calendar days through which your right to withdraw is valid, or even in case the purchase is not meant for personal use but professional use. Nevertheless, this possibility is valid as long as the product is unspoiled, its package is unsealed and its return is realized within a logical period of time, according to the life of the product (only charge: possible shipping costs) (this concerns expendables).

In all cases, KARVELAS INCORPORATED has the right to reject any request of return without having the obligation to justify the specific decision.



It is pointed out that in cases when the returned product is not in its initial condition, it cannot be returned. In case any return of a product is accepted, the company will pay part of the amount of money which will be destined for the particular case according to the condition of the product and its current commercial value and after our central stores have checked its condition.

Shipping fees: the shipping of the returned product, as well as the shipping fees, burden the customer.

In the aforementioned cases, except withdrawal, any replacement or credit will be done after the returned product has been checked and it has been ascertained that it is subject to replacement or credit procedure according to the aforementioned. The refund of any paid amount of money or part of it- if it is subject to a procedure of a reduction of the refunded amount- will be done with an issue of a gift voucher for a future purchase.

In order to return a product, you should complete the relevant ‘’Return Form’’, clicking here.

The withdrawal application can be directly sent electronically or with a registered letter to our company, or you can bring it yourself to the headquarters of our company.

All the aforementioned cases of withdrawal are realized in our central stores : Efessou 5 Heraklion Crete.