How to Use a Coupon or a Gift Voucher

In order to use a gift voucher or a coupon of, please follow the steps below:

Add the products you would like to buy into the purchase basket. In the electronic order in the completion of your order, complete the code of the gift voucher or the coupon in the equivalent area and press the button ‘’ Number Confirmation’’ in order for the discount to be taken into consideration. You can complete your order with the way you would like to pay.

It should be noted that each gift voucher could be used only once and the change after its use cannot be returned.


The value of the coupon includes VAT . It is valid for purchases from the e-shop only for specific products which have the sign ‘’Coupon’’, until the expiration date that is written on the coupon.


The value of the gift voucher includes VAT, is valid for purchases from, only for one order and until the expiration date. It is noted that each gift voucher can be used only once and the change from its usage cannot be returned.



The discount coupon can be used exclusively for product purchases, which are realized through the e-shop

It is explicitly noted that the products which will be available in discount, as well as the amount of the discount, are subject to www.guruelectrics. gr. can change any time, during the validity of the coupon, the products that will be available in discount, and the amount of the provided discounts. Also, is not responsible for the change of the provided products with discount.

KARVELAS INCORPORATED states that they will realize the orders based on the availability of the products, while stock lasts, based on the general terms that are valid for the sales from the e-shop.